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Welcome to SBH Sciences

Welcome to SBH Sciences

SBH Sciences is a bio-incubator and an innovative preclinical contract research organization (CRO), focused on anti-cancer and anti-inflammation drug development. In its 19 years of working with over 180 biotechnology and diagnostic companies, SBH Sciences has earned a reputation for product quality, service and on-time delivery. SBH Sciences has partnered with early-stage biotechnology companies. We provide those companies with: incubator-model support, cell-based discovery, cytokine and enzyme production, as well as, immunological and analytical services. We are based in Natick, MA and proud to support the Biomedical Research Market.

Most Comprehensive Cytokine Assay Capabilities Worldwide
SBH Sciences excels in the development and validation of cell-based assays for cytokines / anti-cytokines, and currently has the most comprehensive assay capabilities worldwide (over 300 different cell-based assays).

We Offer 350 Human Cancer Cell Lines
Our comprehensive oncology services are based on the availability of 350 human cancer cell lines, six complementary biomarkers analysis capability (ELISA, Luminex, Simple Plex, Automatic Western, FACS and qRT-PCR), as well as, in vivo services (through our strategic partner).

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Latest News:

Q2 2016

June 2, 2016: SBH Sciences and n3D to Start Partnership to Offer 3D Bioprinting for Lead Compound Optimization.

May 27, 2016: SOLA Biosciences Makes Cooperative Research and Manufacturing Agreement with SBH Sciences.

BMP-2 SBH Now Offers Superior Active human BMP-2
We are pleased to offer our new recombinant cytokine – human BMP-2. In cell-based assay our product was found to be superior vs. recombinant BMP-2 that is offered by two lead cytokines producers (see data).

Moreover, in animal studies SBH Sciences' product clearly demonstrated its biological activity in cartilage tissue repair.

SBH Adds Several Innovative Cell-based Assays:
In the last few months we have released 11 new and improved bioassays including:

  • Human GDNF
  • Human LIGHT
  • Human NT-4
  • Human IL-35
  • Human IL-36 gamma
  • Human IL-36 beta
  • Murine IL-36 beta
  • Human Neurturin
  • Human R-Spondin-2
  • Human R-Spondin-3
  • Human WNT-9B

We are currently offering over 300 cell-based assays to measure biological activity of cytokines and we are the worldwide leader in this activity.

SBH Now Offers FACS Services
SBH Sciences is please to announce the offering on new cell-based assays based on FACS-Analysis (BD Accuri C6). This service is complementary to our ELISA, Luminex, Simple Plex (ELLA), Automatic Western Blot (PeggySue & WES), as well as, qRT-PCR based assays.

New SBH Partnership Deal with Start-up Companies Including Lab Space and Research Support
In conjunction with ABI-Lab, a new innovative bioincubator in Natick, MA, and Woodland Biosciences (in-vivo facility) we are looking for start-up companies mainly in inflammation and fibrosis and immuno-oncology. We would be pleased to explore collaboration based on our in-vitro and in-vivo capabilities (including the NASH models).

New Positions at SBH Sciences
SBH Sciences is growing and is pleased to offer two new positions in our Bioassay Group: Lab Manager, and Scientist.


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