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SBH 19 Years!The World's Leading Provider of Cytokine Cell-Based Assays

Production of Biologics

Our fifteen years of operations have established our exceptional capabilities in techniques that may be of critical importance to scientists and companies in the fields of protein biology and therapeutics. We welcome inquiries from those seeking a dependable resource and collaborator in developing pharmaceutical and biotechnology-derived products including:

  • Antibiotics
  • Recombinant proteins
  • Monoclonal antibodies

We specialize in

  • Cell culture, both mammalian and insect cells
  • Development of cell-based bioassays
  • Manipulation of existing cell lines to achieve substantial increases in expression
  • Protein Purification

Our proprietary processes enable us to achieve commercial production of highly purified recombinant cytokines and monoclonal antibodies.

SBH Sciences' technology is applicable to many areas of new drug discovery and pre clinical development, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss providing access to our technology through licensing, collaboration and/or outsourcing.

Some of the innovative capabilities SBH Sciences can offer fall within the following fields:

- Cellular Biology (e.g., cloning of interest cDNA in a suitable vector, transient and stable mammalian cell transfection, select clones and demonstrate expression).

- Cell Culture (e.g., serum-free media optimization, adaptation to suspension, production of cell lysates).

- Protein Recovery and Purification (e.g., optimizing cross flow filtration, streamline chromatography, eliminate solvent utilization).

- Analytical assay (e.g., HPLC, ELISA).

- Cell-Based assay (e.g., proliferation and neutralization bioassay, agonist and antagonist screening).

- Mid-scale production and purification of drug substance for pre-clinical study.

Working with us at SBH Sciences offers several key elements to improve your outcomes:

  • Streamlining of your process
  • Significant reduction of development time
  • Increasing yield while maintaining exceptional purity of the final product

The combination of these should assure a significant reduction in product cost.

We have capability to work with cells in roller bottles and in suspension in volumes up to 10L in continuous operation. We have developed in-house over twenty cell-culture-derived products, and have established ourselves as a premier supplier of high quality reagents for the R & D market.

We are open to any business model, including

  • Pure outsourcing (contract work)
  • A risk-shared model with appropriate reward-sharing possibilities
  • Other models where appropriate.


Please contact us so we can discuss your needs, and ways in which SBH Sciences might be able to work with you.

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The World's Leading Provider of Cytokine Cell-Based Assays