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Dr Nir Dr. Raphael Nir has served as President and Chief Scientific Officer of SBH Sciences since co-founding the company in 1997. He started SBH Sciences to fulfill his dream of becoming a key player in the biotech arena, and to help companies develop drugs. Under his management, SBH Sciences has become a leading supplier of recombinant cytokines and a preferred discovery research service provider.

Raphael is an ambitious entrepreneur and has co-founded five additional biotech companies: Karyopharm Therapeutics, SBH Diagnostics, Woodland Biosciences, Galectin Sciences, and Alma Bio Therapeutics. To fulfill his vision and help startup companies, he co-founded two additional companies; Sky Ventures and ABI-LAB; a new bioincubator located in Natick, MA.

Prior to SBH Sciences formation, Raphael earned his Ph.D. in biotechnology as well as a M.S. in biochemistry, and a B.S. in chemistry from Tel-Aviv University. His postdoctoral research was at Schering Plough Research Institute where he later became a Senior Scientist/Associate Principal Scientist and developed innovative cell culture processes and solutions related to biological production. Additionally, he earned a M.S. in engineering management from New Jersey Institute of Technology (1997).

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