ELLA Simple Plex Platform

Simple Plex Platform SBH Sciences is among the first Contract Research Organizations World Wide that is offering contract services using the Simple Plex Platform (ELLA).

The Simple Plex platform is a transformative immunoassay technology which integrates an innovatively designed microfluidic cartridge with a state-of-the-art analyzer to deliver the most efficient benchtop immunoassay system along with reliable results. It brings a level of automation to the traditional ELISA by providing "sample-to-answer" test results in a sealed disposable cartridge within 1 hour while removing operator related biases. In addition, because of its unique multi-analyte capability with none of the drawbacks of traditional multiplex platforms, this platform has broad applicability in both research and clinical markets. We at SBH Sciences are offering both immunoassy platforms, the Luminex and the Simple Plex Platforms to meet customers' complete workflow in their research and clinical protein applications.

Customized Simple Plex cartridges can assay up to 8 analytes simultaneously in 75 minutes and require only 25ul of sample. All Simple Plex assays are fully validated, highly sensitive (picogram/ml), and feature up to 4 logs of dynamic range.

Simple Plex Cartridges

For example, the Simple Plex HEK 293 HCP 3G (SPCKB-OT-007066) assay on Ella offers broad detection coverage of the most relevant host cell proteins (HCPs).

Simple Plex analysis of PD-L1

SBH Sciences is offering an accurate and sensitive measurement of PD-L1 using the Simple Plex. More than 175 validated analyses can be tested at SBH Sciences using this platform. Full list is available at:  

Validated Simple Plex (ELLA) Analytes Available for Immediate Use.

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