Kinase Bioassay Services

SBH Sciences offers cell-based kinase assay testing services utilizing ClariCELL™ assay technology from Cell Assay Innovations. The assays are designed and rigorously validated to be specific for a single kinase/substrate modification, yielding only hits that inhibit the specific phosphorylation event under study. Hence, they are useful for screening, mechanism-of-action studies, and to establish direct inhibition of a particular kinase in cells. See our current 50% off promotion on assay development, below!

Key features of the ClariCELL™ kinase cell-based assay testing service:

  • Specific measurement of particular kinase/protein substrate phosphorylation events
  • Value for primary screening, lead optimization, selectivity assessment, potency determinations, mechanism of action studies, and safety assessment
  • Broad coverage of the kinome, including tyrosine and serine/threonine kinase targets
  • Full length human kinases expressed in human cells

Kinase Bioassays Currently Available from SBH Sciences

Receptor Tyrosine Kinases

Non-Receptor TKs

Serine/Threonine Kinases

               EphB4 (data)



               FGFR1 (data)

      Abl [T315I]



      Abl [E255V]




             Pim-2 (data)


      Lck (data)


Three more kinases will be available soon – with many more to follow!



Aurora B


Custom Kinase Services

If you don't see your target of interest, please contact us, as we also offer custom assay development services for your kinase/substrate combination of interest! Our mission is to be an extension of your research and development team.

For a limited time, we are offering a promotion of 50% off any kinase assay development in our ClariCELL assay format! Nearly any kinase/protein substrate combination can be assayed, so bring on your most challenging targets! Please contact us for details.


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