In-Silico Drug Discovery Services

SBH Sciences is partnering with Shechter Computational Solutions and is pleased to offer a new service: In-silico drug discovery and lead optimization.

The combination of SBH Sciences in-vitro capabilities (over 300 cell lines and extensive biomarker testing) and Shechter Computational Solutions' expertise will enhance and expedite small molecules drug development.

Shechter Computational Solution brings "outside the box" thinking to your project in the areas of:

CADD (Computer Aided Drug Discovery) Services:

  • Target selection covering biological/chemical and IP space considerations
  • Identify novel, drug like small molecules using structure based and ligand based drug design
  • Lead optimization

Bioinformatics Services:

  • Microarray data analysis
  • Database design, maintenance and customized data retrieval tools/reports
  • Tailored software specific to your needs

Shechter Computational Solutions At Shechter Computational Solutions we are looking to explore the less traditional targets. Mrs.Shechter has a MA in Bioinformatics (Northeastern University, Boston), MBA (UFSIA, Belgium) and a software engineering degree from (IBM, Israel). She has 7 research publications and 11 patents over the last 5 years.

She served at Karyopharm Therapeutics (Natick, MA) as the Head of Computational Discovery and a lead scientist and clinical data analyst and assisted the company from inception to phase-II clinical trials.

Mrs. Shechter also served as a Chemoinformatician for 6 years at the Laboratory for Drug Discovery and Target Validation at BIDMC, Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA).

Her recent projects included; PDZK1, P21 Activated kinase, CRM1/Exportin1, VEZF1 and Galectin-3.

Together with SBH Sciences' broad range of cytokine bioassays we are looking forward to identify a small, drug like molecules to inhibit; Activin-a, HGF, IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, Myostatin, TGF-beta-1, TNF-alpha, VEGF and other cytokines and growth factors.

We welcome your inquiries and would be pleased to explore win-win collaborations or fee-for-service discovery project.

Please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs, and ways in which SBH Sciences might be able to work with you. We will be happy to assist you.

Our expertise is your competitive edge!



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