Innovative Bioassays

Throughout the last 24 years, SBH Sciences has developed its expertise and can provide you with the most comprehensive selection of cell-based cytokine assays worldwide, subsequently accelerating your discovery research programs.

SBH Sciences is proud to have contributed in the development of many NEW assays for the cytokine industry which often times becomes their standard. We are delighted to continue to assist the R&D community with our experience and innovation and aim to be an extension of your research team.

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New Cytokine Release Assays
We developed six bioassays using human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) for the analysis of:

  • h-4-1BBL
  • h-AITRL
  • h-CD-40 Ligand
  • h-IL-17B
  • h-OX40-Ligand
  • h-TL-1A

Please click here for a graphical demonstration.

New Chemokines Assays:

  • h-IL-8
  • h-GRO-alpha
  • h-GRO-beta
  • h-GRO-gamma
  • h-MCP-1
  • h-MCP-2
  • h-MCP-3
  • h-MCP-4

We are currently developing new assays using Blood cells.

Creativity Matters!

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