Cell and Molecular Biology Services

RNA Isolation Services
SBH Sciences is proud to introduce RNA isolation services for cultured cells and a variety of tissues. We have experience with both column-based and phenol/chloroform extraction methodologies. Our extraction service involves a full QC report detailing RNA concentration and purity via NanoDrop 2000c absorbance as well as assaying RNA integrity by gel electrophoresis.

qPCR Services
Our laboratory utilizes the Applied Biosystems StepOne PlusTM Real-Time PCR system. We have extensive experience designing and performing qPCR assays using both TaqMan and SYBR green detection chemistries.

Our qPCR workflow involves RNA extraction and QC, cDNA conversion, primer design and validation (if necessary), reference gene optimization and data analysis.

Our SYBR Green primer design and validation service involves optimization for amplicon size and primer specificity using both gel electrophoresis and melting curve analysis. We also perform an analysis of the efficiency of amplification for our designed primer sets.

Our gene expression analysis generates a report detailing differential gene expression across the dataset using the comparative Ct methodology between control and treated samples.

Gene knockdown delivery services
The molecular biology team at SBH Sciences also has experience in stable and transient knockdown of target gene expression using transduction of lentiviral shRNA and transfection of siRNA – containing plasmids.

Our gene knockdown delivery workflow begins with a puromycin titration to establish a kill curve for new cell lines. If necessary, our lab will design shRNA oligos containing the target sequence(s) and clone into the pLOK.1 vector. We then produce lentiviral particles in 293T cells and infect the target cell line using the optimal MOI. We will then select the puromycin resistant populations and assay for the most efficient knockdown of your gene of interest by either western blotting or qPCR.

Gene knockdown

Please contact us with your specific needs or any questions related to Cell and Molecular Biology services. We would be delighted to work with you.

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