O-Linked Glycosylation Toolkit

SBH Sciences offers a portfolio of tools for studying O-linked glycosylation, including highly active glycosyltransferase enzymes for building glycan structures on peptides or proteins, as well as monoclonal antibodies specific to the glycan structures.

We currently offer 8 recombinant glycosyltransferase enzymes:

To learn more about these important enzymes and O-glycosylation in general, please visit the Glycosyltransferase Enzymes page.  To learn more about each enzyme in particular, please click on each enzymes name above.

We currently offer 3 monoclonal anti-carbohydrate antibodies, to carbohydrate antigens that are highly up-regulated in cancerous tissues:

To learn more about the Tn, STn, T and other carbohydrate-based, cancer-specific antigens, please visit the Carbohydrate Cancer Antigens page.  To learn more about the specific antibodies, please click on each antibody name above.

SBH Sciences is looking for partners to investigate our glycosyltransferase enzymes and carbohydrate antibodies as diagnostic tools, therapeutics or for production of glycol-peptide/glycol-protein products.  Moreover, our extensive bioassay and in vitro biomarker analysis capabilities are available to support development of your product.

We are open for suggestions and would be pleased to hear from you.

Our expertise is your competitive edge!

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