SBH Sciences is offering In-Vitro models for Inflammation and Fibrosis [NASH]

SBH Sciences is offering several In-Vitro inflammation models. The first model is based on utilization of human PBMC and the secretion of human TNF-alpha as a result of LPS stimulation.

Innovative Models
Liver (LX-2) / Lung (Beas-2B) / Heart models (induced pluripotent stem cells - iPSC)
- Macrophages activation M1 & M2
- Functional assays (receptors-ligands interaction)
- Inflammatory Cytokines and Fibrosis Biomarkers
- Cytotoxicity – apoptosis

Biomarkers Platforms
- ELISA for biomarkers and metabolites
- Luminex / ELLA – multiarray biomarkers
- PeggySue and WES
- Flow cytometer

Markers (partial list)
TNF-a, MCP-1, IL-1b, TGF-beta, iNOS, Pro-Collagen, Galectin-3, TLRs, Integrins

mRNA Analysis of Pro-Fibrotic Chemokines / Cytokines / Collagen for up and down-regulation in Fibrosis Model

Effect of GR-MD-02 on cell culture model of macrophages: THP-1 cells treated with phorbol ester and endotoxin

Expression of MCP-1 is reduced in dose dependent fashion in two separate GMP lots of GR-MD-02 while viability of THP-1 cells is maintained (compared to N-lactosamine—LacNac)

Note: We have shown that Galectin-3 is expressed in THP-1 cells. There is also a reduction in TNF-alpha and IL-8 with treatment


Our Strategic Partner Woodland BioSciences is offering NASH (Liver Fibrosis) Model.
Please click here to see the Woodland BioSciences presentation.

Please contact us with your specific needs or any questions related to In-Vitro Inflammation investigation and anti-inflammation lead drug optimization.

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