MSD QuickPlex SQ 120 / R-Plex

The QuickPlex SQ 120 is an automated plate reader similar to the LUMINEX and ELLA designed for electrochemiluminescence immunoassays. It has a high sensitivity detection system detecting as low as 0.05pg/mL, a 5-log dynamic range and multiplexing capabilities. The main advantage the QuickPlex SQ 120 has over the ELLA and LUMINEX is its higher throughput. It can read a 96-well plate in 3 min versus Luminex and ELLA which can take 1.5 - 2 hours per plate.

There are 5 different assay types that the QuickPlex SQ 120 can run. The assay styles are R-Plex, S-Plex, T-Plex, U-Plex, and V-Plex. Each has a different optimization such as customization, validation, and ultrasensitive detection.



Analyte UniProt ID Common Applications
α-GST multiple kidney injury
4-1BB/TNFRSF9 Q07011 immunology, immuno-oncology
6CKine/CCL21 O00585 cytokines & chemokines
14-3-3 protein zeta P63104 immuno-oncology, neurobiology,

A2M P01023 inflammation
Aβ (total) P05067 neurodegeneration
Aβ38 (4G8) P05067 neurodegeneration
Aβ38 (6E10) P05067 neurodegeneration
Aβ40 (4G8) P05067 neurodegeneration
Aβ40 (6E10) P05067 neurodegeneration
Aβ42 (4G8) P05067 neurodegeneration
Aβ42 (6E10) P05067 neurodegeneration
ACE P12821 cardiac biomarkers
ADAM9 Q13443 oncology & cancer
ADAM12 O43184 vascular immunoassays
ADAM-TS 13 Q76LX8 reproductive biology
Adiponectin Q15848 metabolism/obesity
AFP P02771 reproductive biology
AGP P02763 aging, inflammation, metabolism
Aiolos Q9UKT9 intracellular signaling,

cardiac biomarkers
Albumin P02768 infectious disease, toxicology
Alpha-amylase 1 P04745 metabolism
Alpha Defensin 1 P59665 immunology, inflammation
AMICA1 Q86YT9 immunology/inflammation
Amphiregulin P15514 cytokines & chemokines
Ang-1 Q15389 angiogenesis, cancer,

cardiovascular disorders
Ang-2 O15123 cardiovascular disorders
Ang-like 3 Q9Y5C1 angiogenesis and vascular, cardiac

Ang-4 Q9Y264 angiogenesis and vascular, cardiac

Ang-like 4 Q9BY76 angiogenesis and vascular, cardiac

Ang-like 6 Q8NI99 angiogenesis and vascular, cardiac

Angiogenin P03950 angiogenesis and vascular, cardiac

Annexin A1 P04083 inflammation
Antileukoproteinase P03973 immunology/inflammation
ApoA1 P02647 artherosclerosis, metabolism/obesity
ApoC3 P02656 artherosclerosis, metabolism/obesity
ApoE P02649 metabolism
APRIL/TNFSF13 O75888 immunology, immuno-oncology
Arginase-1 P05089 liver injury
AXL/UFO P30530 oncology & cancer
B2M P61769 immunology
B7-H2/ICOS-L O75144 immunology, immuno-oncology
B7-H6 Q68D85 cytokines & chemokines,

oncology & cancer
BCA-1/BLC O43927 immuno-oncology, inflammation
Bcl-2 P10415 intracellular signaling
Bcl-X/Bcl2-L-1 Q07817 intracellular signaling
BIM/Bcl2-L-11 O43521 intracellular signaling
BMP-2 P12643 bone disorders
BMP-4 P12644 bone disorders
BMP-5 P22003 bone disorders
BMP-6 P22004 bone disorders
BMP-7 P18075 bone disorders
BMP-9/GDF-2 Q9UK05 bone disorders
C1q receptor Q9NPY3 intracellular signaling
CA1 P00915 hypoxia, metabolism
CA9 Q16790 kidney injury, oncology & cancer
CA15-3 P15941 cancer
CA19-9 NA oncology & cancer
CA50 NA cancer
CA125 Q8WXI7 cancer
Calbindin P05937 metabolism, neurobiology
Calprotectin P05109 immunity, inflammation
Cathelicidin P49913 immunology/inflammation
Cathepsin B (total) P07858 immuno-oncology
CD5 P06127 immunology, oncology
CD5L O43866 cytokines & chemokines
CD9 (EV) P21926 cancer, immunology
CD14 P08571 immunogenicity
CD21/CR2 P20023 oncology & cancer
CD30/TNFRSF8 P28908 oncology & cancer
CD31/PECAM-1 P16284 angiogenesis, cell adhesion
CD40/TNFRSF5 P25942 immuno-oncology
CD63 (EV) P08962 cancer, immunology
CD81 (EV) P60033 cancer, immunology
CD80/B7-1 P33681 immuno-oncology, inflammation
CD163 Q86VB7 liver injury, oncology & cancer
CD276/B7-H3 Q5ZPR3 inflammation, immuno-oncology
CEACAM-1 P13688 immuno-oncology
CEACAM-5 P06731 cancer
CEACAM-7/CGM2 Q14002 immuno-oncology
Chemerin Q99969 cytokines & chemokines
Chromogranin-A P10645 metabolic
cIAP1 Q13490 cancer, cardiovascular disorders,

cIAP2 Q13489 cancer, cardiovascular disorders,

CK Beta 8-1/

P55773 cytokines & chemokines
CKBB P12277 immunology, neurodegeneration
Clusterin P10909 apoptosis, cell signaling,

Complement C3 P01024 immunology, inflammation
Complement C3a P01024 immunology, inflammation
Complement C5a P01031 cardiac biomarkers,

Complement C9 P02748 immunology, inflammation

factor D
P00746 metabolism
Contactin-2/TAG-1 Q02246 alzheimer’s disease
Corin/ATC Q9Y5Q5 cardiovascular disorders
CRP P02741 autoimmune disorders,

Cystatin B P04080 intracellular signaling
Cystatin C P01034 toxicology
Cytokeratin-8 P05787 cancer, cell signaling
Cytokeratin-19 P08727 biomarker immunoassays
Delta-like 1 O00548 intracellular signaling
DKK-1 O94907 bone disorders,

DKK-3 Q9UBP4 oncology & cancer
DKK-4 Q9UBT3 reproductive biology
DPPIV P27487 metabolism
E-Cadherin P12830 cancer
EGF P01133 cardiovascular disorders, toxicology
EGFR P00533 immunology/inflammation, oncology

& cancer
Elastase-2 P08246 immunology/inflammation
Endoglin P17813 angiogenesis, cancer, cardiovascular

Endostatin P39060 angiogenesis and vascular
Endothelin-1 P05305 cardiac biomarkers,

vascular immunoassays
Enolase 2 P09104 neurobiology
eNOS P29474 cardiac biomarkers
Ep-CAM P16422 immuno-oncology
ErbB2 P04626 immuno-oncology
E-Selectin P16581 cell adhesion, cell signaling
FABP2/I-FABP P12104 metabolic
FABP3/H-FABP P05413 cardiovascular disorders, toxicology
FABP4/A-FABP P15090 metabolic
Factor VII P08709 vascular immunoassays, cardiac

FAP-α/SEPR Q12884 angoigenesis, apoptosis, cell adhesion
Fas (soluble) P25445 apoptosis
FasL P48023 apoptosis, immunology
Fc-epsilon RII P06734 intracellular signaling
Ferritin P02794,

immunology/inflammation, metabolic
FGF (acidic) P05230 angiogenesis and vascular, oncology

& cancer
FGF-7 P21781 oncology & cancer
FGF-19 O95750 metabolic
FGF-BP1 Q14512 immunology/inflammation
Fibronectin Q9Y2H6 bone disorders
Folate R alpha P15328 immuno-oncology
Follistatin P19883 immunology/inflammation,

muscle injury
Galectin-1 P09382 biomarker immunoassays
Galectin-3 P17931 cardiovascular disorders, oncology
GAS-6/AXL-L Q14393 oncology & cancer
GCPII/PSMA Q04609 oncology & cancer
GDF-8 O14793 growth factors
GDF-15 Q99988 cell signaling
Gelsolin P06396 cell signaling
GFAP P14136 neurobiology
Glicentin P01275 metabolism
Granulysin P22749 immunology/inflammation
Haptoglobin P00738 cardiovascular disorders, immunity
HAVCR1/KIM-1 Q96D42 infectious disease, toxicology
HB-EGF Q99075 oncology & cancer
HCC-4/CCL16 O15467 cytokines & chemokines
HE4/WFDC2 Q14508 immuno-oncology
Heme Oxygenase 1 P09601 vascular immunoassays
Hemoglobin alpha P69905 angiogenesis, cardiovascular disorders
Hemojuvelin Q6ZVN8 metabolic
Hemopexin P02790 angiogenesis, cardiovascular disorders
Hepcidin P81172 growth factors
HGF P14210 cardiovascular disorders, oncology
HSP70 P0DMV8 cell signaling
HVEM/TNFRSF14 Q92956 oncology & cancer
ICAM-1 P05362 immunology
ICAM-3 P32942 adhesion, immunology
ICOS Q9Y6W8 immunology, immuno-oncology
IgE NA immunology, inflammation
IGF-1 P05019 metabolism
IGF-1R P08069 oncology & cancer, metabolic
IGF-2R/CI-M6P-R P11717 oncology & cancer, metabolic
IGFBP-1 P08833 metabolic
IGFBP-2 P18065 metabolic
IGFBP-3 P17936 metabolic
IGFBP-4 P22692 metabolism, growth factors
IGFBP-6 P24592 metabolic
IGFBP-8 P29279 angiogenesis and vascular
Ikaros Q13422 intracellular signaling
IL1RL1/ST2 Q01638 cardiovascular disorders
IL-6R P08887 immunity, immunology
IL-11 P20809 cytokines
IL-17RB Q9NRM6 cytokines & chemokines
IL-18BP O95998 cytokines, immunology/inflammation
IL-19 Q9UHD0 cytokines, oncology & cancer
IL-22Rα2 Q969J5 cytokines & chemokines
IL-28B/IFN-λ3 Q8IZI9 liver injury, oncology & cancer
IL-34 Q6ZMJ4 immunology/inflammation, metabolic
IL-36γ Q9NZH8 cytokines & chemokines
Influenza A NP B6A6U5 virology
Influenza B NP Q596H1 virology
IR (soluble) P06213 metabolism
IRS-1 P35568 metabolism
Klotho Q9UEF7 kidney injury
Lactotransferrin P02788 immunology
LBP P18428 immunogenicity
LDL Receptor P01130 cardiac biomarkers
LIGHT/TNFSF14 O43557 immunology, inflammation
LRRK2 Q5S007 neurobiology, neurodegeneration
LRRK2 (pS935) Q5S007 neurobiology, neurodegeneration
Lymphotactin P47992 cytokines & chemokines
MAdCAM-1 Q13477 cytokines & chemokines
MCAM/CD146 P43121 immuno-oncology


intracellular signaling
Mcl-1/Bcl2-L-3 Q07820 intracellular signaling


intracellular signaling
Mesothelin Q13421 cancer
Met (soluble) P08581 cancer, cell signaling
MIC-A Q29983 immunology/inflammation, metabolic
MIG P49682 immunity, immunology
MIP-4 P55774 cell signaling, immunity, inflammation
MMP-1 P03956 cancer, inflammation
MMP-2 P08253 immunology, inflammation
MMP-3 P08254 angiogenesis, cancer, cardiovascular

MMP-7 P09237 angiogenesis, cancer, cardiovascular

MMP-8 P22894 immunology, inflammation
MMP-9 (active) P14780 angiogenesis, cancer, cardiovascular

MMP-9 (total) P14780 cancer, inflammation
MMP-10 P09238 immunology, inflammation
MPIF-1/CCL23 P55773 cytokines & chemokines
MPO P05164 cardiovascular disorders, inflammation
MyD88 Q99836 oncology & cancer
Myoglobin P02144 kidney injury
Myosin BP

Q14896 cardiac biomarkers
NAP-2/CXCL7 P02775 cytokines & chemokines
N-Cadherin P19022 cardiac biomarkers
NCAM-1 P13591 neurobiology, neurodegeneration
Nectin-4 Q96NY8 cancer, infectious disease
Nephrin O60500 kidney injury
Neprilysin P08473 alzheimer’s disease
Nesfatin-1 P80303 metabolic
Neurofilament H P12036 neurobiology, neurodegeneration
Neurofilament L P07196 neurobiology, neurodegeneration
Neurotrophin-3 P20783 neurobiology, neurodegeneration

Q15818 alzheimer’s disease
NGAL/LCN2 P80188 immunology, inflammation, toxicology
NT-ProBNP P16860 cardiovascular disorders, toxicology
NPY P49146 neurobiology, neurodegeneration
Osteoactivin Q14956 bone disorders, cancer
Osteocalcin P02818 bone disorders
Osteonectin P09486 bone disorders
Osteopontin P10451 bone disorders, cancer,

Osteoprotegerin O00300 bone disorders
OX40L Q6FGS4 autoimmune disorders, cancer,

PAF-AH Q13093 cardiac biomarkers
P-Cadherin P22223 cell adhesion, cell signaling
PC9/PCSK9 Q8NBP7 cardiac biomarkers
PDGF-A P04085 growth factors
PDGF-B P01127 growth factors
PDGF-A/B P04085

cardiac biomarkers
PDGF-C Q9NRA1 cardiac biomarkers
Pentraxin 3 P26022 immunity, infection, inflammation
Perforin P14222 immuno-oncology
Periostin/OSF-2 Q15063 inflammation, oncology
PF-4/CXCL4 P02776 cytokines & chemokines
PRDX-1 Q06830 oxidative stress,

redox homeostatsis
PRDX6 P30041 oxidative stress, redox homeostatsis
Presenilin-1 NTF P49768 neurobiology, neurodegeneration

P02452 bone disorders
Prolactin P01236 fertility
proMMP-9 P14780 cardiovascular disorders,

proMMP-13 P45452 immuno-oncology
PSA P07288 reproductive biology
P-Selectin P16109 cardiovascular disorders, cell adhesion
PSGL-1 Q14242 cell adhesion
PYY (active) P10082 metabolism
RAGE (soluble) Q15109 immunology, inflammation
RANTES P13501 immunology, inflammation
RBP4 P04916 cardiovascular disorders, metabolism
Reg-3-alpha Q06141 metabolic
Relaxin-2 P04090 reproductive biology
Renin P00797 cardiac biomarkers
Resistin Q9HD89 metabolism/obesity
S100A8/MRP8 P05109 immunity, inflammation
S100A12 P80511 immunity, inflammation
S100B P04271 neurobiology, neurodegeneration
SAA P0DJ18 inflammation, cardiovascular
SARS-CoV-2 N P0DTC9 immunology/inflammation
SARS-CoV-2 Spike P0DTC2 immunology/inflammation
SCF P21583 cell signaling, immunology
SCFR/Kit P10721 cardiovascular disorders,

Sclerostin Q9BQB4 bone disorders, kidney injury
Serpin A1 P01009 cardiovascular disorders,

SerpinA4 P29622 other markers
Serpin A12/ Vaspin Q8IW75 metabolism/obesity
Serpin E1 (active) P05121 cardiovascular disorders
Serpin E1

P05121 cardiovascular disorders
Serpin E1 (total) P05121 cardiovascular disorders
Serpin F1/PEDF P36955 angiogenesis and vascular,

bone disorders
Serpin F2 P08697 angiogenesis, cardiovascular disorders
SHBG P04278 reproductive biology
SPINK-1 P00995 metabolic, oncology & cancer
Spk1 Q9NYA1 vascular immunoassays
Syndecan-1 P18827 metabolic, oncology & cancer
TACI/TNFRSF13 O14836 immuno-oncology
Tau (total) P10636 neurobiology, neurodegeneration
TECH/CCL25 O15444 cytokines & chemokines
Tenascin C P24821 cancer, wound healing
TFF2 Q03403 metabolic
TFF3 Q07654 inflammation, wound healing
TfR-1 (soluble) P02786 iron uptake, metabolism
TGF-α P01135 immuno-oncology
TGF-β RII P37173 immuno-oncology
Thrombomodulin P07204 cardiovascular disorders, hemostasis
TIMP-1 P01033 angiogenesis, cancer, cardiovascular

TNFAIP6/TSG-6 P98066 inflammation
TNF-RI P19438 apoptosis, immunity, inflammation
TNF-RII P20333 apoptosis, immunity, inflammation
TNFRSF10C O14798 cancer, cell signaling
tPA P00750 angiogenesis and vascular
Troponin I

P19429 cardiovascular disorders, toxicology
Troponin T

P45379 cardiovascular disorders, toxicology
TSP-1 P07996 inflammatory, oncology & cancer
TWEAK/TNFSF12 O43508 cytokines, immuno-oncology
UCH-L1 P09936 oncology & cancer
U-PAR Q03405 cancer, oncology
Uromodulin P07911 inflammation, toxicology
VCAM-1 P19320 angiogenesis
VEGFR-2/KDR P35968 angiogenesis
VILIP-1 P62760 cell signaling
Vit D Binding

P02774 metabolism
Visfatin P43490 immunology/inflammation, metabolic
VISTA/B7-H5 Q9H7M9 oncology & cancer
vWF P04275 cardiovascular disorders, coagulation
Analyte UniProtID Common Applications
Adiponectin Q60994 metabolism
C1q receptor O89103 cytokines & chemokines
CD14 P10810 cytokines & chemokines
Clusterin Q06890 apoptosis, cell signalling, toxicology
CRP P14847 immunology/inflammation,

Cystatin C P21460 toxicology
Fractalkine O35188 cytokines & chemokines
Granzyme B Q3TZH4 immuno-oncology
MIG P18340 cytokines & chemokines
MMP-3 (total) P28862 angiogenesis and vascular,

oncology & cancer
Oncostatin-M P53347 immunology/inflammation,

oncology & cancer
Osteoprotegerin O08712 bone disorders
Periostin/OSF-2 Q62009 oncology & cancer
PF-4/Cxcl4 Q9Z126 cytokines & chemokines
PSP-D P50404 oncology & cancer
RBP4 Q00724 cardiovascular disorders, metabolism
Resistin Q99P87 inflammation, metabolism
SAA multiple inflammation, cardiovascular
Tau (total) P10637 neurodegeneration
TNF-RII P25119 apoptosis, immunity, inflammation
TREM-1 Q9JKE2 cytokines & chemokines
Analyte UniProt

Common Applications
A2M P06238 cardiovascular disorders, toxicology
Adiponectin Q8K3R4 inflammation, metabolism/obesity
AGP P02764 immunology, inflammation
Albumin P02770 kidney injury
EPO P29676 autoimmune disorders, toxicology
GM-CSF P48750 immunity, inflammation, oncology
IFN-γ P01581 inflammation, neurodegeneration,

IL-1α P16598 inflammation, neurodegeneration
IL-1β Q63264 inflammation, neurodegeneration
IL-2 P17108 infectious disease, inflammation
IL-4 P20096 immunology, inflammation
IL-5 Q08125 immunology, inflammation
IL-6 P20607 cardiovascular disorders, inflammation
IL-10 P29456 infectious disease, inflammation
IL-13 P42203 infectious disease, inflammation
KC/GRO P14095 cardiovascular disorders, inflammation
HAVCR1/KIM-1 O54947 infectious disease, toxicology
MCP-1 P14844 cardiovascular disorders,

MIP-3α P97884 immunology, inflammation
NGAL/LCN2 P30152 oncology, toxicology
Osteopontin P08721 bone disorders, cancer, inflammation
TIMP-1 P30120 oncology
TNF-α P16599 inflammation
TREM-1 D4ABU7 cytokines & chemokines
VEGF-A P16612 cardiovascular disorders
Analyte UniProtID Common Applications
Alpha-amylase 2A P04746 metabolism

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