Oncology Incubator Services

Oncology Incubator ServicesWoodland Oncology Services and SBH Sciences as Your Oncology Incubator

  • A home for your novel drug ideas and your molecules
  • Evaluation of your molecules against current therapies and other drugs in clinical trials
  • A shared risk opportunity to rapidly proceed to preclinical Proof-of-Concept
  • Our data packages will better Enable Grant Applications – SBIR/STTR
  • Our efficacy studies will provide direct confirmation of your ideas and prove that your molecules can compete in the clinic to Enable Funding Opportunities
  •  We propel your research from a good idea to a well- characterized molecule moving assertively toward the Clinic

What SBH Sciences and Woodland will do for You!
The process starts with the identification of a novel molecule brought to Woodland-SBH Sciences for idea realization. This includes biological support for lead optimization and SAR studies, and pharmacological modeling starting with in vitro assays, followed by a seamless translation to in vivo state-of-the-art models, and ending with ex vivo primary human patient tumor studies. Your drug may also be tested in combination with any of 29 approved drugs currently available through SBH Sciences or clinical stage compounds available commercially. Efficacy studies will culminate with an IND-enabling package ready for regulatory submission.  As your study is progressed, data obtained may allow the company and the Incubator to apply for government funding or seek additional sponsorships from the venture community.

What Makes Us Unique:

The Oncology Incubator will test the new drug in a series of assays leading up to tests in primary patient tumors meant to give you a preview of the experience you will face as you move into the clinic. These preclinical trials will help to identify responder and non-responder profiles, including the identification of responder signatures or predictive biomarkers, and is intended to provide an extra measure of confidence as you move into early clinical development.

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To Begin Working With Us:

We are accepting proposals for new molecule testing. Please contact us if you are interested. Please review our websites for more information. We welcome suggestions and would be happy to start working with you.
SBH Sciences: www.sbhsciences.com
Woodland Oncology Services: www.woodlandbiosciences.com

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