Caco-2 Permeability

pION Biopharma Services & SBH Sciences Announces
Caco-2 Permeability Measurement

December 18, 2009 - pION Biopharma Services and SBH Sciences have entered an agreement to co-develop and market Caco-2 permeability measurement.

The new high quality testing service is builds upon the expertise of pION in drug adsorption measurements and SBH Sciences, in cell-based assays.  This combined experience ensures that pION Biopharma Services can accurately measure Caco-2 permeability when other labs may fall short.

Permeability is critical to drug bioavailability, which lies at the heart of the Biopharmaceutical Classification System endorsed by the FDA.  This new offering from pION Biopharma Services complements their already comprehensive test methods which includes dissolution, solubility, Double-SinkTM PAMPA and ionization.  The Caco-2 measurements employ cell cultures which feature active transporters that can also affect the availability of some drugs.

“Highly permeable compounds are also amongst the least soluble and we take that into account when we design a Caco-2 experiment,” said Alex Avdeef, CEO/CSO and co-founder of pION. “Some customers have enlisted our services after Caco-2 measurement elsewhere failed to obtain a detectable, measureable amount.  Since that result was not consistent with the accumulated data on their API, we took the extra time and effort to design a more meaningful experiment.  The customer was delighted that the result was in accordance with previous data.”

“We’re excited to be working with pION the leaders in the permeability measurement”, said Raphael Nir, President of SBH Sciences.  “With our demonstrated ability in developing cell-based bioassays and efficient cell culture processes, we’re in a unique position to deliver consistent Caco-2 cultures on a regular basis.  We do this every day with more than 100 different cell lines.”

With pION Biopharma Services, Caco-2 permeability is determined under a variety of conditions, including apical to basilateral, basilateral to apical, iso or gradient pH, and with UV or LC/MS detection.  Depending on selected conditions, reports may include permeability and efflux ratios. 


About pION Biopharma Services
pION Inc. is the world leader in permeability and solubility measurement. They provide instruments and analytical services for ADME, solubility, permeability, dissolution, pKa and log P determination.   pION INC, long recognized as ‘the A in ADME’.
pION offers a range of instruments and Biopharma analytical services that improve lead generation, optimization and selection. Their solutions include API-sparing techniques designed to measure and predict the critical physicochemical properties of target molecules.

About SBH Sciences
SBH Sciences provides cell culture based services to the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry and academic researchers. In its twelve year of operation, SBH Sciences is making significant advances in proprietary cell culture technology, specifically in mammalian and insect cell culture, optimizing in-vitro diagnostic methods, as well as customizing the production and purification of recombinant and natural proteins.
SBH Sciences excels in the development and validation of cell-based bioassays for biologically active cytokines and currently has the most comprehensive assay library worldwide. Assays consist of over 250 different cytokines, cytokine receptors and anti-cytokines.

SBH Sciences specializes in cytokine and protein profiling as well as immunological based assays.


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