SBH Sciences Registered with CLIA

         (Natick, MA)  October 24, 2011.  SBH Sciences is an innovative biotechnology company and service provider that is focused on anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, and wound healing drug testing and development. “CLIA accreditation demonstrates SBH Sciences’ commitment to performing the highest lab standards” said Dr. Raphael Nir, SBH Sciences President. “Reaching this level of accreditation is an important milestone in the company’s growth and offerings to our clients”. 

About CLIA
Mandated by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 42 Part 493.2), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulates laboratory testing through the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA). The objective of the CLIA Program is to ensure consistent, accurate and reliable clinical test result reporting.

About SBH Sciences
SBH Sciences provides comprehensive CLIA lab testing and development as well as preclinical process development services to the biopharmaceutical, diagnostics and biotechnology industries, including cell culture (mammalian and insect cell), protein purification, cell-based assays, ELISA Development Kits, Multiplex Analysis, Cell Labeling and PEGylation services.

According to Dr. Nir, “We at SBH Sciences are dedicated to the testing of clinical samples in a CLIA- accredited setting and all personnel follow strict confidentiality guidelines and undergo rigorous training programs including HIPPA practices. We also pride ourselves on the development and implementation of cell-based bioassays and efficient cell culture processes for the commercial production of recombinant cytokines and monoclonal antibodies. Our comprehensive scientific and business experience positions SBH Sciences well for the resolution of even the most difficult scientific tasks. We are determined to maintain the highest ethical standards and deliver the highest quality testing, products and services to our clients.”


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