SBH Sciences Celebrates its 15-Year Anniversary

         (Natick, MA)  August 27, 2012. This September, SBH Sciences will be celebrating its 15 year anniversary! Over these past fifteen years we have compiled more than 280 cytokine bioassays, the most comprehensive cytokine bioassay array in the United States. Our proprietary processes have achieved commercial production of 31 highly purified recombinant cytokines, 6 glycosyl-transferase enzymes and 33 monoclonal antibodies. We have also developed over 30 ELISA kits and provided Multiplex analysis. SBH 15 Years!

  With dual business models of production and service, SBH Sciences has assisted over 100 biotechnology and pharmaceuticals companies worldwide with drug development and preclinical services. We are especially proud of our contributions in assisting two start-up companies who have recently entered Phase I clinical trials. These are examples of how SBH Sciences can significantly streamline your development program and shorten the time to reach the clinic.

 SBH Sciences licensed our h-IL-12 production process to Neumedicines, Inc. (Pasadena, CA) and assisted them in securing a contract from BARDA. Under this contract, we optimized the production of h-IL-12, developed analytical and bio-analytical testing, performed formulation and stability studies, and transferred an efficient and reproducible process to GMP Manufacturing. The h-IL-12 product is used for anti-radiation therapy and was introduced into Phase 1 Clinical Trials in June of 2011 (www.neumedicines.com).

 Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. (Natick, MA) initiated two Phase 1 Clinical Trials in June 2012 with oral KPT-330, the first selective inhibitor of nuclear export in patients with advanced cancers. All of the in-vitro drug lead optimization in the last 2.5 years was conducted by SBH Sciences. The joint work has been presented in eight scientific meetings (see abstracts: http://www.sbhsciences.com/publications.asp). Our partnership with Karyopharm is still active and we continue to support them on new discovery programs (www.karyopharm.com).

 In June 2012, SBH Sciences was awarded a Massachusetts-Israel Innovation Partnership (MIIP) grant. SBH Sciences and Improdia (Israel) will work together toward the development and manufacture of a chronic inflammation-dependent immunosuppression prognostic kit. This program is one of the new diagnostic services and development that SBH Sciences will offer. See SBH Diagnostics below.

 SBH Sciences is now able to cover your research needs from target identification to in-vivo modeling with IND enabling efficacy through new strategic partnerships that enable expanded comprehensive drug discovery support.

In the past six months, SBH Sciences has formed three new partnerships to add complementary services to our customers. These companies are Woodland Oncology Services (www.woodlandoncologyservices.com), Cell Assay Innovations (www.cellassayinnov.com), and SBH Diagnostics (www.sbhdiagnostics.com) - a joint venture between SBH Sciences and GlycoZym, USA (http://www.glycozym.com/).

 Woodland Oncology Services, a division of Woodland Pharmaceuticals, is a preclinical contract research organization that specializes in advancing oncology research through the innovative use of cancer cell lines and primary patient tumor samples. The idea is to streamline the transfer of the data generated in in-vitro studies by SBH Sciences to the in-vivo work at Woodland Oncology Services. Together we will offer complex animal modeling of PK/PD and longer-term efficacy studies that explore recurrent cancers, getting comprehensive data faster, to shorten the overall preclinical time and enhance clinical success. SBH Sciences' Luminex capability will support multiplexed biomarker analyses, and will provide a better understanding of the mechanism-of-action of potential drugs.

Cell Assay InnovationsIn April 2012, we joined forces with Cell Assay Innovations, a company that offers analysis of specific kinase in cell-based activity assay, using their ClariCELL™ technology. Nearly any kinase/protein combination can be analyzed using these assays. Services for four targets are currently available (EphB4, FGFR1, lck, and Pim-2) and six more will be released by December 2012. This innovative approach will support companies targeting the therapeutic anti-kinase market.

SBH_DIAGNOSTICS logo.jpg SBH Diagnostics is a companion diagnostic company that is a joint-venture between SBH Sciences and GlycoZym, USA, focused on the commercialization of Laboratory Developed Tests mainly related to oncology, inflammation and neurological diseases. Combining the laboratory disciplines and expertise of SBH Sciences with the patented biomarker technology of GlycoZym, which is based on proprietary analysis of auto-antibodies, and their specific glycosylated target, we will be able to advance personalized medicine and provide better diagnostic tools under CLIA regulations. This approach will enable us to better develop new drugs (e.g. production of specific monoclonal antibodies).

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