Procognia and SBH Sciences Join forces to Offer Services to Biotech Industry

SBH Sciences will serve as a local center for Procognia in Massachusetts

         (Natick, MA, USA and Rehovot, Israel)  April 4, 2013. Procognia and SBH Sciences announced today the signing of a strategic collaboration and co-promotion agreement for the promotion of their services.

SBH Sciences, a pre-clinical CRO, and Procognia, a glycosylation analysis expert, provide complementary services to the Biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries. The agreement will enable joint sales and marketing activities for the complementary services offered by the two companies.

In addition, SBH Sciences will serve as a local center for the glycosylation analysis services provided by Procognia, and will be responsible for shipment of samples for analysis to Procognia's main facility in Israel.

Dr. Raphael Nir, SBH President and CSO said: "We are excited to be working with Procognia, leaders in glycobiology and glycosylation analysis. Our complementary capabilities would provide on-time exemplary customer service that will give our customers a competitive edge in the industry".

Dr. Ruth Ben Yakar, Procognia CEO said "we are looking forward to collaborate with SBH Sciences, an experienced and innovative CRO with diverse services, products and capabilities, and we believe that through this collaboration we would provide our customers with access to unique and high quality tools for efficient and successful development of their products".

About Procognia:
Procognia (Israel) established in 2000, is a world leader in glycobiology and biopharmaceutical analytics. Procognia offers solutions to major challenges in biopharmaceutical and biosimilar development and manufacturing, including comprehensive analytical services for achievement of optimal glycosylation profiles for improved efficacy, safety and biosimilarity. Procognia owns a large database of glycosylation profiles of biosimilar references. Procognia also collaborates with strategic partners for the development of high-yield biosimilar cell lines for higher productivity and lower manufacturing costs, based on proprietary molecular biology methods. www.procognia.com

About SBH Sciences:
SBH Sciences is an innovative pre-clinical contract research organization, located in Natick, Massachusetts. SBH Sciences has been chosen by over 100 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for their service needs since 1997. SBH Sciences unique cell based bioassays, ELISA assays, cytokines, glycosyltransferases, and monoclonal antibodies, are applied to facilitate the process of discovery and biopharmaceutical development and assist its customers to reach their clinical development goals. SBH Sciences provides flexible, innovative and on-time services customized to the customer needs.


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