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Dysregulation of cellular glycosylation is a common characteristic of many cancers (1).  The T antigen (Galβ1,3-GalNAcα1-O-Ser/Thr ) is up-regulated in a wide variety of cancers (2, 3), and has been investigated as a diagnostic & prognostic marker, and as a therapeutic and vaccine (4, 5).  The specificity of the anti-T monoclonal antibody was shown by binding to asialo-fetuin, which presents the T antigen, and not to fetuin, in which the T antigen is capped by sialic acid residues (3).  This antibody was previously marketed under HB-T (6).

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Preparation:  Monoclonal antibodies were produced from the mouse hybridoma 3C9 clone (HB-T).

Purification:  Three step liquid chromatography, proprietary.

Catalog #:  SBH-T

Formulation:  Sterile filtered solution PBS.

Stability:  Stable for 4 weeks at 4C.  Stable for 6 months at -80C.  Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Reconstitution:  N/A

Specificity Assay:  To create asialo Fetuin (aFet), 5mg of Fetuin (Sigma F3004) was treated with 2U of Neuraminidase (Sigma N2876) for 2 hrs at 37C.  Double dilution ELISAs were carried out by coating 96 well plates with a 1:3 serial dilution of 67ug/ml Fet or aFet, blocking and incubating with a 1:3 serial dilution of anti-T (SBH-T).  After washing, plates were incubated with a goat-anti-mouse (IgG+IgM)-HRP conjugate (Thermo 31446) at 1:1000 dilution.  Plates were developed with 2x ABTS (Southern Biotech 0202-01).  Net OD was measured at 405 – 650 nm.  SBH-T MAb diluted 10 fold could detect aFet coated at 22 ug/ml, with 200 fold less signal for Fet (see Figure 1 panel (B) above).

Usage:  For research only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Country of Origin:  USA

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