SBH Sciences is the Recipient of the MA-Israel Innovation Partnership.

         (Boston, MA)  June 19, 2012. Raphael Nir, Ph.D., President SBH Sciences delivered the following speech during the Massachusetts-Israel Innovation Partnership (MIIP) event.


Good Afternoon, 

I would first like to thank Governor Deval Patrick for his personal support of the Biotech industry.

To the MA Life Sciences center staff, and especially to Dr. Susan Windham-Bannister and to Ms. Pamela Norton, thank you for your support and trust.

To Mr. Tuvia Sofinzon, my friend and partner from Israel and the CEO of Improdia; to Mr. Avi Hasson, Israel's chief scientist; as well as to my many friends and colleagues here and in Israel that are sharing this event with us; thank you.

It is with great honor and pride, that I receive the first MA-Israel Innovation Partnership Award.

SBH Sciences' slogan over the last 15 years has been "Experience-Innovation-Persistence."

I strongly believe that innovation and partnership is the key for economic growth and the reduction of health care costs, while still ensuring the development of new diagnostics tools and the creation of affordable and effective new drugs.

The combination of expert and dedicated teams across the ocean, namely MA-based SBH Sciences and the Israeli-based Improdia company, an innovative start-up diagnostics company that is one of many new biotech companies in the "start-up nation" of Israel, together have all the components for an innovative and promising research program.

We all hope that this program will assist millions of patients all over the world.

Thank you for your trust. We will do our very best to deliver.


- - -

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