SBH Sciences - News Q3, 2013


  • SBH Sciences partner network continues to expand, with recent addition of ZF Biotox.  Together, we now offer cryopreserved cells in 96-well format, ready for HTS and other rapid-turn-around cell assay needs.  Please read the full press release here about the Cell in Well™ service.
  • Proteomic capabilities recently expanded with acquisition of automated, ultra-small sampling instrument Peggy - Simple Western from  Protein Simple.  Together with our large in-house library of MAbs, SBH Sciences now offers rapid analysis of signal transduction questions, 96-data points at a time.  Proteins can be separated by size as in traditional PAGE Western or by their pI as in traditional CE or isoelectric focusing.  This service can be used for vaccine development, cell lysate analysis (from tissue culture or tumors), identification and quantification of tumor-associated proteins, focusing on key kinase inhibitor targets in precious clinical patient samples.
  • Screening capabilities for oncology drugs were recently supplemented with the installation of an irradiating instrument.  If the standard of care for your indication area includes radiation, then you should include radiation during discovery screening, in combination with routine cytotoxic insult.  Please inquire.
  • SBH and incubated partner Woodland are actively seeking international partners through the MA Life Science Center and its ICIP Program.  Please contact us if you are in Alsace, Quebec, Wallonia or Victoria, Australia, and need an oncology or inflammation services provider for a project.  Please browse the SBH partnering page and the Woodland website to learn more. 
  • To enhance its support of biologics makers, SBH Sciences earlier in the year partnered with Procognia which supplies glycoprotein characterization services.  Among the offerings is a screening service for MAb called the GlycoScope.  Please inquire for services and for access to the biosimilar reference database.

About SBH Sciences:
SBH Sciences is an innovative pre-clinical contract research organization, located in Natick, Massachusetts. SBH Sciences has been chosen by over 100 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for their service needs since 1997. SBH Sciences unique cell based bioassays, ELISA assays, cytokines, glycosyltransferases, and monoclonal antibodies, are applied to facilitate the process of discovery and bio-pharmaceutical development and to assist its customers to reach their clinical development goals. SBH Sciences provides flexible, innovative and on-time services customized to the customer needs.


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