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Automated Western Analysis Services

A major challenge in protein research is obtaining quantitative, reproducible, high content information quickly.

Since 2013 SBH Sciences and SBH Diagnostics has offered innovative automated Simple Western Blot services using the PeggySue and WES (ProteinSimple). The analysis is based on a novel protein separation using capillary electrophoresis (CE) and a very accurate immunodetection. Proteins can be separated by size as in traditional PAGE Western or by their pI as in traditional CE or isoelectric focusing.

This service is especially suited for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies using traditional western blots in their research, development, and QC labs. Simple Western will assist scientists in vaccine development, kinase inhibitor, cell lysate analysis (from tissue culture or tumors), and the identification and quantitation of tumor-associated proteins in precious clinical patient samples.

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Peggy Sue Wes
PeggySue Wes

Benefits of the Automatic Western Blot Services

  • Provide quantitative reproducible protein analysis with CVs under 10%
  • High throughput capability
  • Able to multiplex and normalize to standard proteins
  • Evaluate efficacy in cancer therapeutics against key cancer-associated target proteins in kinase signaling pathways
  • Stratify patient populations for clinical trials
  • Cost effective

The Simple Western™ Protein Analysis can provide:

  • Protein quantification and characterization
  • Protein Charge Heterogeneity
  • Protein Formulation & Stability Testing
  • Antibody and Antibody Drug-Conjugate Characterization
  • Gel and Blot Documentation
  • Immunoassay Multiplex Protein Detection
  • Post-Translational Modification Characterization

    The illustration below describes the Fully Automated process, for either molecular weight separation of proteins or separation by their pI.

molecular weight separation

Size/Charge-based characterization of proteins has been predominately performed by either SDS-PAGE/IEF/Western blot analysis or by capillary electrophoresis (CE). Each technique has advantages –Western blotting exploits high sensitivity as well as specificity of antibody binding, and CE offers high resolution and reproducibility. The sensitivity and resolution of the results obtained from either method is often challenged by the ability to preconcentrate or stack enough protein sample before separation. Simple Western is a new size-based or charge-based separation platform that runs Simple Western assays, combines for the first time the advantages of both Western blotting and CE into a single automated workflow. Optimization of stacking conditions results in a significant sensitivity and resolution increase using the Simple Western assay.

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Please contact us to discuss your Western Applications and our service that can provide a fully automated characterization and quantification of proteins.

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